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You’ve probably noticed I updated the look of the blog! I was craving something simpler, so here it is. As always, there is a transition period where I get things to work, and with this update it’s the links. They’re invisible! For some reason the links are in the same color as the text unless you hover over them, making it very difficult to see where there are any links at all. I’m working on it, but in the meanwhile – sorry about the non-visibility of them! Please do let me know if you find something else acting wonky – email me at

And to not post without a picture, here is the kitten being adorable!


pinterest for pattern stash

pinterest_for_pattern_stashYesterday I had an idea I thought was very clever – using pinterest to keep track of my pattern stash! I see on pinterest I’m not the only one to have had this idea, but isn’t it clever?

Often I think I should be better about using patterns I have instead of coveting new ones all the time (I’m looking at you guys, Deer & Doe, Named Clothing Patterns, and Thread Theory). The problem is just that I keep forgetting what I actually have available. I have a folder full of downloaded digital patterns on my computer desktop, but they’re not easily and visually accessible there, so they are out of sight and out of mind. No more though!

I linked to the pattern shops for the indie patterns I have, grabbed the line drawing from BurdaStyle’s website for the many patterns I downloaded before they started charging for nearly everything, and used my phone to take pictures of the vintage patterns I have. Phew – I feel all organized! And, I have many more patterns than I was aware of. That’s the deal with stashes I guess!


Welcome to my new blog-home! I hope the change won’t be too big – some cosmetic changes; some reorganization, and a shiny, sparkly .com to my name! Really, the only change in the url is the absence of “wordpress”, so I hope there won’t be too much trouble in making the switch to this blog from the old one.

That said, please be sure to update your bookmarks and feeds, and pretty please – do tell me if you come across broken links, missing pictures, or wonky looking things. I’ve done my very best to go through everything, but I’m sure to be making tweaks for a little while yet. Most everything is in place, but I’m still doing behind-the-scenes like spacing, widgets, and tidying up.

Poke around, let me know what you think, and I hope you like this new look!

self_des2012-2No post without an image! This is an outtake from my gathered sundress post. I think I look fairly friendly here.

hello 2013

I went back over my archives for 2012 to round up my finished projects for the year, and I was sort of gobsmacked to not find more than I did. Did I really just sew four things all year? (well, disregarding all the wedding dresses and suits I’ve worked on for my day-job…)

IMG_0586   mmm15EDtiny_tank2   gathered_sundress2

Looking back, 2012 has been one of those periods where knitting things and sewing my own clothes couldn’t be a priority, and that’s ok. I tried tough! Especially at the beginning of the year I started a bunch of projects that were abandoned for one reason or another (stalled on the shape of a pocket; a waistband that puckered; couldn’t finish 12 bound buttonholes in time for a SewWeekly challenge – which, by the way, I totally deluded myself by attempting to participate). Stuff came up in the middle of making these things, and I just left them. So for 2013, not surprisingly, these half-finished sort-of-forgotten projects will be dragged to the forefront to be dealt with. I’m allowing myself to “deal” with them in any which way I feel like, which will probably mean finishing them, but could also be seam-ripping, donating, or burning them in the woodstove if that’s what it takes. But they have to get out of my waiting-pile!

It won’t be all I’ll be working on – like Roo recently wrote about, I’m also feeling the workwear conundrum. I touched upon it briefly after Me-Made-May, that the portions of my wardrobe that feels work-appropriate is quite small. I have a lot of pieces that are casual, lovingly worn, a little baggy, faded around the edges, and therefore just not sharp enough for work. I’ve started (in a small way) to invest in some better pieces – leather shoes, blazers… wait, that’s how far I’ve gotten. Leather shoes and a blazer. I’m am on a budget afterall! Some of the things that have been on my sewing list for ages  (ahem… over a year?) will be very useful in order to feel more polished and put together at work – a Liberty of London boatneck dress, a magenta pencil-skirt, a pinstriped blazer, and some blouses. I work in a design-concious field, and while I’m comfortable with, and know how I want to dress, what I’m wearing nowadays is just not in good enough shape. Therefore, enter sewing. I have quite high hopes and big plans for 2013 in other words!

Let’s not forget knitting though! I had quite a few big projects going at once earlier this fall, with a cabled hat with tiny thread, three sweaters, and a lace top on my needles. Those projects aren’t all done, but I did complete these things in the past year (with some pictures from ravelry for ease):

2012knits-hatsI think it’s really funny how these hats came in next to eachother on my ravelry page. We’re two peas in a pod, obviously.

2012knits-otherMittens I never blogged about since I finished them in the car en route to the recipents house (I know… bad knitter.), and the cowl I use all the time.


I’ve finished a couple of hats, a cowl, and a sweater this year, with one big knitting goal for the next (well, besides finishing the two sweaters, one cardigan,  and the lace top I’ve started) – mittens! I was dumbfounded to realize, especially as a knitter, that I had no good mittens to wear when it got chilly! Not good enough. Nobody should have freezing hands in the colder months, and knitters should be able to provide that for themselves. If I start with some stranded colorwork mittens now, I’ll probably have them ready by spring, haha! But then I’ll be all set for the next winter, so that’s ok.

Also 2013, I’m going to floss every day. Just letting you know.

my portfolio

Some people might have noticed I have updated and tweaked  the blog a little lately, including a new button, “portfolio”. You see, I’ve gotten my portfolio website up and running!

This is where I’ve collected a lot of my projects, both school-related and professional. I didn’t build the website from the ground up, but I certainly did a lot of tweaking to make it work more like I wanted it to. It was frustrating to the point of pulling my hair out and screaming at times, but it ended up looking pretty nice, if I may say so!

Go check it out!

Knitting abbreviations: free download

I was rummaging through my computer, trying to tidy up the mess that inevitably happens, and I came across something I meant to share a long time ago, which is some handy downloads with knitting abbreviations!

Just a pretty picture of Shelter - a pretty yarn.

Last Christmas (and thank you Wham, for getting that song stuck in my head – as always) I put together a gift for a friend who was just getting into knitting, and I thought a card with common knitting abbreviations would be helpful.

Every time I knit, I’m always googling what different abbreviations mean in the pattern I’m working on. Ever wanted a page or a card with the most common ones right in one place? Now you can! I made them in three different sizes; 4×6, 5×7, and Letter sized. The two smaller ones are two-sided, so that both sides of a card can be used effectively! The pdf-links are below – I hope it proves helpful!

Knitting abbreviations – 4×6
Knittng abbreviations – 5×7
Knitting abbreviations – Letter

While I have put the abbreviations in a handy format, I have relied on the following links for the abbreviations and definitions themselves; Craft Yarn Council,, and

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