I like to walk around cities with the aid of my computer and Google maps, pretending I can someday walk around in them in real life (and pondering how the outer edges of the world can look so normal, and so alien). I love remaking and repurposing. I’m thrifty and resourceful, and like getting the most out of things. I blog about things I make, and share home sewing garment patterns and knitting patterns. I live in Bergen, Norway which is sometimes the most beautiful city in the world, and sometimes just covered in a whole lot of rain.

Here in this space, I…
• enjoy and believe in resourcefulness and mindfulness.
• thoroughly ♥ wool, in almost any shape or form.
• believe in taking your time and creating with care, intention, and heart.
• love to learn new tricks and techniques (while also acknowledge/knowing that there is rarely only one way to do things!).


My portfolio site is here, and you can also find me on pinterest, ravelry, instagram, or email me at
indigorchid(at) gmail.com. You can also subscribe with a feedreader, or via email.