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hemlock jaquard dress

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What better way to treat myself after another exam finished than to make an easy dress? By the way, I sometimes talk to my fabrics, asking it what it wants to become. This jaquard greek-ish ikat-ish jersey wanted to be a dress. Not any kind of dress, but a dropped shoulder shift-style dress.  A Hemlock dress!

Fabric: Jaquard jersey from Stoff & Stil.
Pattern: Hemlock tee by Grainline, lengthened.
Techniques: Overlocking, binding, and understitching.

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I put it on as soon as finished on, and I’ve barely taken it off. Well, to sleep and clean off the tomato sauce I got on myself making pizza sauce. Anyways, with the navy tights and mustard cardigan and brown oxfords I get a distinct 60s vibe, helped by the jaquard-like pattern and the silhouette of course. I wanted a bauteu neckline so I just cut the back piece twice. I also made the front piece shorter to improve the fit, and then I took the sides in a couple of inches to go from roomy to flattering.

hemlock_dress (6)

I’m very pleased with the neckline finish. With the bauteu neckline I didn’t want a visible band, so I did a Sewaholic-technique with a band folded double and understitched and topstitched. I love the way it looks – very clean! The wine-colored ribbon is to help me put the dress on the right way. Like I mentioned, the front is slightly shorter than the back. I once showed up to school with my dress inside out – the least I can do in making my own clothes is to try to wear them the right way!

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Also, I can dress it up! With summer approaching and days just getting longer and longer I’m craving lighter colors in my wardrobe. This fits the bill very nicely. Did I mention I am so very pleased with this dress? What do you guys think – should I make more Hemlock dresses?

  • That looks great, I may need to make one of my own. I’m in the middle of finishing exams too and really needing some sewing rewards!!

    • Oh, best of luck on your exams! I actually cut the dress out the evening before submitting my paper, and then had sewing the dress as a reward for getting through the last day of editing, re-reading, updating footnotes, and spellchecking! It was a good rewards. 😉

  • Ellie Swanson

    Looks awesome on you! I love it!!

  • It looks terrific! The sizing is just right. Now you need to make more, more, more!

    • Thank you! I should have made a pattern instead of winging this to the utmost degree, but I totally agree with you – more, more, more! 😀

  • Donna

    OOh, very versatile! That’s an ingenious reworking of the original pattern!

    • Thanks Donna! You’re right, it is very versatile! I’m mentally going through my stash to see if there is more fabric in there that can become similar dresses!

  • This is very clever and utterly gorgeous. I really really want to make one!

    • Oh, Helen – you’re too kind! Thank you!