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help me choose lace skirt lining

I am making a skirt in a black lace fabric, and I want to do something fun with the lining so you can actually see the lace pattern! It won’t be underlined, just a free-hanging lining layer. If you’re thinking this is the same lace I used for the Oh lulu Grace panties I made recently, you’d be totally correct. I’m thinking a couple of Belcarra blouses might be my next project, and I’m picturing using this lace again for the raglan sleeves, with maybe some black bamboo twill for the main part. We’ll see!

Lace skirt in progressKitten… “helping”.

Anyways – I pulled out some lining options from my stash, but I’d like some help in choosing which one to use! I took some close-ups and some bigger-picture pictures to help see how it looks up close and from a bit further away. Inside, in front of a mirror, these all definitely looked a little more muted.


 Lace skirt in progress, purple lining Lace skirt in progress, purple lining

Pros: I like the color. It feels classy. Cons: Polyester staticy fabric. Very little contrast.


Lace skirt in progress, pink lining Lace skirt in progress, pink lining

Pros: Fun color! Awesome silk charmeuse (same as the lining in my Valentine’s day skirt!). Cons: A little too much contrast in brightness?


Lace skirt in progress, yellow-green lining Lace skirt in progress, yellow-green lining

Pros: Another nice fabric, dyed china silk. I do love the color. Cons: So much contrast! I think that is too much for me.


Lace skirt in progress, yellow-orange lining Lace skirt in progress, yellow-orange lining

Pros: Slinky fabric, it’s remnants after my Ireland-dress. Cons: I love the color, but paired with black it just reads Halloween to me. No?

Patterned warm colors

Lace skirt in progress, patterned lining Lace skirt in progress, patterned lining

Pros: Not as… abrasive in contrast as a few of the other options. A little unexpected! Cons: It might look a little messy?

Alright! Please chime in guys! Any favorites? Any clear “no way”? I’m thinking of this as a fun and casual dressy skirt – going out to dinner and a movie, birthday parties… the like. I’m just having a hard time deciding what looks fun and casual and what looks like “too much”!

  • Tina

    I like the purple one

    • indigorchid

      Thanks Tina, I think the purple is definitely in my top three!

  • PINK! Of course, it kind of depends on what top you’ll wear with it. I’d go with whatever will match your intended top the best.

    • indigorchid

      Oh, that is a good way of thinking about it! Hmm… I should get all my potential tops out, to see what works together. Thanks Beth!

  • I vote purple too, but there are definitely multiple beautiful options. The patterned one is intriguing…never would have thought of that. :)

    • indigorchid

      I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the patterned one too – it feels a little more… dimensional? Thanks for your vote Donna!

  • I like the purple. The pink is also nice, but perhaps a bit bright?

    • indigorchid

      Siri – that’s what I was worried about too!

  • Marika

    I like Yellow-green. It’s light and summery. And I think this color go with you.

    • indigorchid

      Thanks Marika! I’m glad you say you think that color goes with me!

  • I like the purple as well. It is very elegant.

    • indigorchid

      Stacie – that is my favorite thing about the purple as well!