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outfit: February fitted pullover, with a mini

IMG_2578Another instalment of figuring out how to wear my February fitted pullover! This is by far my favorite, with several repeats already (the first and second outfits have both been singular events). There is something about the proportions of this combination that just works for me – the 3/4-length sleeves, the mid-thigh miniskirt. The slight bulk of the sweater is balanced out by the amount of leg, I guess. Either way, this one is a keeper. And the sweater is very cozy and warm. Success!

  • Yay, looks awesome! Can’t believe it took you two other outfits to get to the mini skirt, clearly the best option 😉 Now you have no excuse not to wear that pullover, since you’ve made such a fab outfit!

    • indigorchid

      Haha, of course you would like the mini-skirt! I do think I have to make lots more skirts like it, I keep finding it super-versatile! Thanks, and I’m very happy to have found a way to wear that sweater comfortably. Now… what shall be my next hard-to-style garment experiment? Hmmm…

  • jen

    Major cute with that skirt!!

    • indigorchid

      Thanks Jen! 😀 (you make me want to make big smiley-faces.)