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These past few weeks, I have been…

amusing myself with six shades of grey at work.
cooking with red cabbage, so pretty. Sarah B of My New Roots is my new best recipe friend, and I’ve been working my way through a bunch of her recipes, picking up new tricks here and there.
reading my new favorite magazine. It’s pretty much the life I want to live with growing things, mindfulness, creating, cooking, and travelling – but with the impressive trait of being inspiring instead of preachy.
altering shirts. Well, at least one shirt. John has a pile of dress shirts he’s been asking me to take in, and I’ve finally started on that pile. This one went from making him look like a 12-year old to actually fitting. I even moved the shoulder seam up! I expect about a dozen more of these, and the threshold to start much lower than it’s been.

  • The colors of your everyday life are beautiful! :-)

    • Thank you Janne! Maybe a bit more muted than yours, but I guess when we find “our” colors we just stay with it, haha!

  • That shirt alteration looks perfect!

    • indigorchid

      Ooo, thanks! I’ll tell you it’s not quite perfect – the pocket ends like half an inch from the side-seam, haha! But really, it looks *soooo* much better I’m more than willing to overlook minor imperfections! It really was exciting to see how it ended up looking so much like a normal shirt!