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It is very much so fall. It’s a season that can be breathtakingly beautiful, but it can also be mushy brown leaves in a puddle of rain and discarded trash. I’ve been trying to find the charming pieces of fall this week, in between a couple of sick days and a whole lot of knitting. Knitting equals fall, right? Especially cables and tweed and woolens.

I’ve been clued in to a farmer’s market that happens every Thursday in the university area of town. It’s hugely popular – to the point of people sitting and waiting before the guy even arrives! – which is funny, since it’s just one farmer with his goods. But the carrots and the cauliflower are the best I’ve tasted, and this week I even scored tomatoes and broccoli (it’s usually pretty picked over if you don’t show up right at the start). I feel so good about buying and eating things that were pulled out of the ground a few days ago, a few miles away.

This week I’ve even worked on a sewing project, which has been a while since. Of course, I’m complicating things by thinking about changing the construction and cutting things on the bias, but I’m happy to finally be working on this dress, and the fabric is dreamy (and a little crazily patterned for my usual self, but comfort zones needs to be challenged!). And the yarn for my Geithus lace knit top sample arrived! It is gorgeous, and fantastically soft.

  • Gorgeous fabrics and yarn. Fall (well, autumn to me) is favourite season – enjoy it! :)

    • Mmm.. I agree. Could it be that my birthday is in the fall? Regardless, I always enjoy the tights and knit sweater time of the year!