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This week has been all about knitting, and my new job (one of them at least!). My mom came to visit last weekend, and on the one day it was sort of nice, we went to a ship-christening and ate ice cream. On the three days where it rained non-stop, we sat inside and played with yarn. I have not been able to put down knitting since! I have been swatching, and planning, and plotting for lots of different projects, just bouncing around between hats, and sweaters, and cardigans, and tops, and mittens.

At my new work the sunrises are pretty amazing, they have fruit every Wednesday, and I can knit whenever there is some downtime (yeah!). The weekend was rounded out by some nice weather, and the only sensible thing to do in this rainy city, is to drop everything and go outside. On Friday I sat in the sun and knitted (of course), and on Sunday we hiked the tallest mountain in town. Wearing knitted stuff of course. Knitting, work, and pretty skies.

  • Yeah for knitting at work!!

  • Lovely knitting you’ve got there! What is the magazine? It looks intriguing!

    • Ooooo, I’m so glad you asked! It’s actually from the UK, called “The simple things”, and I signed up for a year-long subscription after just leaving through the first ever issue at my local kiosk. Let me tell you… the paper is that good. Really nice. It’s gardening, apartments, cooking, drinking tea, mindfulness, some crafting. I’m really liking it so far, and still, just one issue in. Yeah. I’m about to start raving me thinks.

      P.S. Loved your side-buttoned plaid skirt! It came out great! (Besides the slash and zig-zag in the skirt, haha! 😉