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Fix it Friday: chair gets cozied up

This weeks fixing is not a garment. That’s ok, right? I bought this chair years ago, and it became my first re-upholstering project as I covered the kind of dingy yellow cotton with a luscious  silk. I thought (and still think) that the dark wood looked lovely with the saturated royal blue, but our apartment kind of looks like 1001 nights camping out with vintage/modern Scandinavian things right now, and I’m working on making it more nordic. Also, the fabric was starting to tear. No worries, the silk will be repurposed as bias binding!


Also, taking pictures in the winter is hard with the lack of daylight in the hours I’m at home doing crafty things. We decided (well, I decided, but John took the pictures (thanks!), so – “we”) to put the chair in the spotlight and take some interrogation style pictures. You have to make your own entertainment sometimes!

I saw this chair on pinterest a while ago, and I thought pairing knits with things you sit on seemed like a fantastic idea. A randomly gifted scarf came to the rescue, and now the chair is all cozied up.

The beauty of a small project like this, is that I can change out the seat fabric whenever I want. All I need is a half yard of fabric and a little time! I might not want to keep it like this forever, but for right now, I think it’s cute.

  • What a fun way to do up a chair! Do you get a pattern from the “pearls” on the back of your thighs if you sit on it too long? :-)

  • Oh it’s adorable! I never would have thought to put a knit on a chair but it’s a perfect juxtaposition to the wood.

    • I’m glad you approve – John still thinks it looks funny, but it’s my chair. Bwahaha. 😉 (I like the juxtaposition too!)

  • love love LOVE it! So sweet! I liked that armchair when I saw it, but like your understated version much better!!!

  • Oh I LOVE this combination! I was in love with the chair from the first picture too, but add unexpected woolen knitwear? Too delicious.

  • I *love* it !! Changing out chair seats is always fun – it’s immediately satisfying :-)