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corners of my home

For anyone familiar with the soulemama blog, this title will sound familiar. It’s almost a movement by now, with the simple idea of documenting and sharing the little things in a home – the things that seem insignificant, but yet when you’re reminded of them, feel so very familiar and laden with memories.

These are some corners of the home I am just getting set up and setteled in to. Some early corners, so to speak!

I’m reunited with my old bike! It’s so beat up, and I’m not terribly nice to it. But it’s a workhorse, and I think having a bike to get around on makes any town lovelier to live in! Also, our new apartment has a woodstove, which we’ve already used several times. It’s getting cold and dark, and there is really nothing like a roaring fire. And finally, the moving this summer took its toll on my poor sewing machine. It is making some quite un-nice sounds, so I haven’t dared use it until it gets some attention. It does mean that I can’t work on my sewing projects!

So what is a girl to do? Well, besides spend all her time sewing costumes in Haugesund? (See my boss-lady Janne’s blog for some sneak peeks of what we’re doing, and even some pictures of me!)

(Photo by John)

Turn down the lights and knit by candlelight, of course! In general, there will be a lot of knitting while I wait for both my internet and sewing machine to become reliable again! But that’s not the worst way to spend darkening fall nights, really.

  • catezeller

    Hate to bother you but I found your forum question from back in 2010 (http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/gravatar-linked-to-openid?replies=1) and I am having the EXACT same problem and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t find an answer anywhere. I was wondering if you found a solution??

    Love your blog by the way, you are very talented and seem nice so I’d thought I’d take a chance and ask you about this. :)

    • Oh, sorry to dissapoint you – I have not found a solution! I’ve just been doing the samt thing; either getting the picture, but a link to the blogger profile, or the open id icon and a link to the blog itself. It is kind of irritating – I’d love to have it work the way I want it to work! 😉 I’d honestly given up on it… Maybe I’ll try to investigate some more!

      And thank you!

      • catezeller

        Thank you so much for responding. :) I don’t blame you for giving up – it is frustrating! I’ll keep working on it and I’ll let you know if I figure anything out. Thanks!