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fall and winter sewing plans

Well, the blogs are buzzing with talks of fall sewing plans! I technically have an incredible amount of sewing ahead of me, working with the costumes for a show at Haugesund Teater called “Amanda“! But that’s not for me, and after seeing what people are sharing of their plans, I was inspired to make a moodboard of my own!

See my the rest of my Fall Palette Challenge board over on Pintrest, as well as the links. (I joined the bandwagon!)

Sarai over at Collette Patterns has led a couple of sewing challenges, with moodboards and palettes and matching plans with patterns. While I won’t be officially joining the challenge, which is to set some sewing goals and complete them within 8 weeks, it was a good encouragement to think about what sewing projects I have planned, and want to prioritize this fall and winter!

I posted about these fabrics that were gifted to me over the summer, and they are definitely part of my plans. The solid pink (which really is more magenta-purpley in real life) is destined to become a pencil skirt – what a bold statement! And the Liberty-print is a wool that I think would be great in a fairly simple boat-neck dress, like the Colette Peony pattern actually.

And that subtle dark grey pinstripe is going to become a tailored, fitted blazer. I’ve wanted to make another one for a long time, and this time I’d like to share the process here! I think it could be interesting, and maybe even helpful to those attempting a go at a tailored jacket? I’m planning on using all the techniques I learned while making the previous one; pad-stiched horsehair, twill-tape on the lapels, bound buttonholes… all of that good stuff!

It might seem like my perfect pants project has completely gone by the wayside, and that wouldn’t be entirely incorrect. I haven’t abandoned it though! I’m slowly working on tracing the pattern from a pair that fits, and I have the fabric all ready to go. I’d like to use Peter’s Jeans sew-along – he had some really good info there!

Finally, I’d love to try some more jersey projects, and I think a loose-fitting racerback tank-top would be a great staple in my wardrobe… Well, I think all of my projects will be! A challenge for me is actually to get more patterned stuff into my sewing – and my wardrobe – so hopefully I can add some cute patterned blouses or full skirts into my fall and winter sewing too!

Any sewing plans? Colors that are must-haves now that fall is upon us? I’d love to hear – and see!