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summer plans

Chicago has been left behind, and I have started on a three-month roadtrip across the USA! I’ve been missing sewing for a while already, since my machine was shipped ahead a month ago, but I do have yarn and needles in a canvas bag in the car, and lots of plans for them!

This means things will change just a wee bit around here. I won’t have sewing projects to show as I finish them, but I do have some backlog of collection-related things I want to share, a little pattern and tutorial sort of set, and of course I’ll post about my knitting projects as they’re completed. I hope it won’t be too terribly different from the usual content as I live on the road for the summer!

And since no post is complete without a pictures, here is one of me and the boy after my graduation ceremony, with Chicago showing its absolute best, chilly, windy side:

All graduated!

  • Congratulations! I´m so proud of you!
    Very much looking forward to seeing you again. In the meantime, enjoy your road-trip :-)