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collection progress: in pieces

On this grey Sunday, with a cold  I’m trying to eradicate, I figured I’d show you how I’m doing on my final senior fashion design project.

Even though we’re well into the second (and last semester) where we make everything, I haven’t actually completed much. The patternmaking and sourcing takes quite a long while; by the time you’re ready to start sewing, you already have your fabric, your pattern, and every thing goes together quite quickly. I guess what I mean to say is that sometimes the actual sewing or creating part doesn’t take all that long, but the preparations that makes it a breeze? That’s the time-consuming part!

My only finished garment so far, a cotton twill vest with mitered dupioni silk bias binding.

A wool coat and a pair of wool flannel pants – in the early stages of construction.

A hand-knit jacket, still in pieces.

Swatches for a lace-weight knit top.

This silk gauze blouse has been living on my dining table for… ehm, three weeks now. I’m pleating the fabric, and it’s just so delicate that I don’t want to move it until I have to!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little glimpses of a large project in process! I should start having some more completed garments soon, and that’ll be encouraging and exciting!

  • Fascinating! I rarely have more than one sewing project on the go at one time, although I am happy to flit about from knitting project to knitting project. Good luck with it all!

    • Thank you Roo! (I have two or three knitting projects for this collection going on at the same time too, goodness!)

  • Oh, I can´t wait to see your collection! I hope it´s going to be perfectly… you! :-)

  • Asveig

    I have been waiting to see something, and now we’re mooving. I can recognize the bunad influenze in the vest. I’m looking forward to peeking into more of your collection. Good luck!

    • Moving, but oh, so slowly! All the time there are patterns to be fixed, lining-patterns to be made, lining fabrics to be found… And now we only have 6 or 7 weeks left!

      The bunad is very much there – and you’ll see it even more as I finish more stuff I think! (Takk mamma!)