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knitting needle holder

Now that I’m no longer distracted by all the Self-stitched-september going ons, I can show you what I was working on in my easy-binding-how-to-post!

It’s a knitting needle case! My knitting needles have been living loose on a shelf for the last couple of years, and I’ve been meaning to give them all a more permanent home. After browsing the pictures of needle holders out there on the web, I decided on a pretty simple construction. I took out my longest needles to see how tall I should cut the back piece of fabric. Then I added two layers of different fabric, cut to the same width, but stacked in height. I sewed channels for the needles on the solid green fabric before adding the top printed layer, and sewed channels on that too – some wider to allow for circular needles.

Finally I added binding, but you’ve already seen that! All the fabric were smaller pieces from my stash, which is how the size of some of these pieces were determined. Optimal utilization of fabric scraps means this is a stashbusting project too!

  • I made a needle holder some years back, but it didn´t look nearly as beautiful as yours. The colors are so you! :-)

    • Thank you Janne! I tend to stick to a lot of the same colors… Can we say that’s not a bad thing? 😉