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internet loveliness

My, I feel lucky! I just returned from a lovely week in Maine, to find not one, but two packages waiting for me! The first was from Elise, who had a giveaway recently when she launched her website. I was lucky enough to win the hand-bound journal, and this was inside my package:


Be still my heart! So pretty! I love the print, and I love the look of hand-bound books, so this was a good deal all around. Elise is very talented, and I’ve been a fan and a follower of her blog for a good while now. I especially like her approach to scrapbooking – use what you have, make it messy if you want, and just create.


Opening the book was just as exiting as opening the package! I got a balloon-postcard as well, and her business-card, which I think is just so well designed. She wrote about the different ones she has had here, including a picture of the backside. Just as pretty as the front, which is a feat in itself. And – notice the teal-colored stamp? It says “This book belongs to”. What a nice little touch!

My other package was tiny – a free sampler of business cards from MOO. Yep, ten free business-cards, that you can design just as you want! I thought it was a good deal, despite the little black banner they stick on the bottom. I might be cheating them out of some advertisement by trimming it off with an x-acto knife, but I won’t hesitate to do some word of mouth for them. I chose the “green” paper option, recycled and chlorine free, and I think they are just lovely.


Recognize the images? One is from the header, and the other is me being cheeky while wearing my dress pants. The pictures are a little pixelated, which is all my fault for using images that were a little too small (MOO told me they might turn out pixelated). Every step, from designing the cards, to the email updates and the package I got, was easy and full of niceness. So, I like MOO.

  • I love MOO cards!! and the fact that you can get so many different images for the same price.. need to order some soon :)