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god jul

This year, my Christmas preparations have been scant. I have no tree, no advent-candleholder, no tiny red wreaths around red candles, and no frankincense (or kongerøkelse) spreading smells of cloves, orange, lavender, cinnamon – and whatever else is in that magical blend that makes Christmas instantly. All the same, the small things help:

jul_candles2This past Sunday was the fourth Sunday of advent, which also coincided with winter solstice this year. We celebrated with tea, gingerbread cookies, and having all four candles lit.

jul_presents1I love wrapping presents. This year I went to a recycled gift wrapping event where businesses had donated old posters and blueprints – lots of lovely colorful things!

jul_treeOh wait, we have a tree! The fireplace with some tea candles made up part of the makeshift Christmas-tree this year.

jul_pepperkakerThis pepperkake smells so good. It only gets to decorate the mantel for a couple of days before I eat it all up!

Happy holidays to everyone!