i make underwear

Yes, underwear! I made these. They used to be t-shirts, and now they are fully functional, very comfortable underwear. And happily quick to make.


The first thing to do, is find some suitable t-shirts to cut up. I’ve used gifted and thrifted t-shirts, but my closet is under close scrutiny at the moment. I prefer my cotton straight up, no synthetics, and the softer (and thinner), the better.

As I’m no genius at pattern-drafting, I thought sticking with my favorite pair of undies as a model was the best bet. It was quite finicky to make this not-so-big 3D garment translate in to a 2D pattern, but it’s perfectly doable, especially with a little patience and persistence. In cutting the pattern pieces out of the t-shirts, I’ve generally just squished them all in there to get as much out of my t-shirt as possible, but in the future I am going to put down the pattern pieces horizontal on the t-shirt, to get more stretch in the underwear. And this I know from experience now: some t-shirts are naturally quite stiff and has very little give, and that means there is a greater chance of seams tearing, so stretchy t-shirts are good (I guess better luck next time in making underwear for the boy).

It’s a moose. Too bad Guttkes Fritidsstugor printed his moose on such a stiff t-shirt.

I’ve even managed to use the neckband of the old t-shirts as waistbands for a couple of the new undies. That makes me quite happy. Also, I’m quite happy with the stitch-in-the-ditch sewing and nice seam finishing on some of these, most visible on the brown underwear in the picture below:

For those who suddenly got an urge to get up and make themselves some underwear, there are some patterns and tutorials out there, like this one at Supernaturale, and this one over at BurdaStyle.

The color scheme of my underwear collection was in no way planned, but brown is a very good color. I’ll end with a picture of the very first undies I made. It looks like the t-shirt would have read ”Alabama” at some point, but it really didn’t. The word was ”Alaba”. Huh.

(eta: thanks to the boy for the pictures)

  • very nice!! good job! i have a little stack of old t-shirts just waiting to become undies sometime in near future. i also made a pattern from my favorite pair, but only tried it once: http://petchypop.blogspot.com/2008/01/making-my-own-underwear.html it needs some adjustments…:)

  • this is really cool.
    and the photos are excellent.

  • They’re really cool!!

    I got a little confused there, looking at the first comment thinking “but I didn’t write that, did I??? I really must go to bed earlier if i can’t remember what I’m writing.” Then realising that yes indeedy, it was my darling li’l sis of course!

  • indigorchid

    Hehe… it can be a challenge keeping you Petch’es all sorted out! 😉 Happy to have all you here though!

  • John

    I have to say: Your photo-editing is probably the complete opposite of what I would have chosen, but that’s what makes you you and me me!

    …Looks good and I’m glad to be on the receiving end of these projects so keep’m coming (I think we should look for some old terry-cloth shirts and turn those into some sport jockies:-).